No PRIDE in police brutality!

Glam Block the Cops at the Trans March. 

Seriously, what is this shit? 
We are calling on all radical queer and trans people to join us at the Trans March and let the police know they aren’t welcome here! 
Friday June 28th at the 2013 Trans March 

Meet at the start point of the trans march, George Hislop Park at 7:30 PM
Look for the Pink and Black flags and the anti-cop signs

In solidarity with all queer, trans, genderqueer and gender non-conforming people, in recognition of the history and continuing reality of police brutality and other forms of state violence against queer and trans people and queer and trans communities, especially queer and trans sex workers, queer and trans people of colour, queer and trans poor and homeless people, queer and trans disabled people and queer and trans people without status, we say TO HELL WITH THE POLICE.


Hey Toronto Police Services! You’re not welcome in this march, despite what the organizers say. You’re not welcome anywhere in our communities, even if some of you are gay. Kindly fuck off. 

We denounce the Trans March organizing committee’s decision to invite Toronto Police Services to the Trans March this year. We actually don’t really understand why you all felt it was necessary to ensure your demonstration was legal at all, and why one organizer suggested the police marching might be the ‘beginning of a beautiful friendship”. 

Stonewall was a riot, not a permitted rally! 
The Police work for a state that consistently and constantly enacts violence on marginalized communities, including trans people. So no, we don’t wanna be friends. 
Let’s build our community’s collective power to deal with our own problems.

Dress black and/or glam block, glitter glamarchist or pink and black fabulousness. 
Deck yourself out in rhinestones, don your heels or combat boots. 
Wear a strap-on, bring placards, flags and some fierce queer/trans anti-authoritarian attitude. 


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